London Quaker Property Trust

London Quaker Property Trust was previously known (since the 1600s) as Six Weeks Meeting.

LQPT is both a charity, managed by its Trustees, and a Company, for which the same Friends serve as the Board. (Area Meetings are the members of the Company, each represented by one Friend, often Clerk to SELAM Trustees). SELAM appoints two or three Trustees to serve on LQPT.

Each year, LQPT Trustees set a per member quota (currently £200+) and it is the first financial responsibility of Area Meetings to pay this quota, making up any Local Meeting deficit to do so.

LQPT also receives directly, but entirely separately from the quota, the money from Lettings. LQPT pays for maintenance, administration, cleaning, the Quinquennial survey, refurbishment and repairs.